Royal Families Group LLC., also known as [RFG] is primarily a holdings and executive oversight company. We acquire companies and manage their profits as a whole, properly coordinating the profits as each company grows and grows more complex; incombination, as the Parent Company, we keep each subordinate company bottom-line secured in our network. 

​    First proposed to royal families across the globe in 2014, today, RFG successfully stands as the Chief Executive over a number of private companies Chief Executives. Such as: Sterling International Gallery, T.N. Sterling [Day Traders], Sterling Family Films, S.N. Consultants, National Cooperatives, National City Gossip, Kayan Estates LLC., The World Corp. and Harbors International, just to name a few.

     Wherefore RFG is proudly bringing privately held companies around the world under one umbrella, that would otherwise become weakened in certain bear or bull markets. While all the while, enthusiastically appropriating a share of overall profits to help support the financial growth of local communities and its people.

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​Royal Families Group LLC
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