The (new) Sterling Royal Family

 The Scottish name Sterling comes from the name of the royal Burgh of Stirling in 
the country of the same name. Stirling was a royal residence from 1226. In which the Venerable Bede, the "Father of English History" was born in 673, records that the Pictish race, one of the founding races of the British Isles ancestors of, are from the founding race.

 In The Year Of Our Lord  1973, of Chicago, Illinois, T.N. Sterling------was born last offspring of Leroy and Susie. One with the slavery mixed bloodline dating back to 
the South African Zulu, the other parent----slavery mixed blood from that of Scotland's royal Burgh of Stirling.

 Moreover, at age nine, T.N. Sterling attended the famed private school Westside Preparatory, founded by Marva Collins.*( Google or You-Tube the true story "The Marva Collins Story" )*  Whereas T.N. Sterling at such an early age excelled at high school level education and was due college level the following year, in addition to becoming renowned for his artist creations, one of which was presented to then U.S. President Ronald Regan, by Marva Collins, which stimulated a visit to the school by First Lady Nancy Regan. 

 By the age of twelve, Leroy and Susie had purchased a few summer homes around Arkansas before finally settling in Pine Bluff. Whereas T.N. Sterling was encouraged to regain his childhood, and in return, ceased creating art; analyzing the Stock Market and dreaming up new inventions, as he settled into a normal adolescence. 

 At age twenty, T.N. Sterling had happily chosen a life in the nursing profession, as he learned early on that helping people was were his true passion lie. It wasn't until  2002 when T.N. Sterling's mindset reverted back limitless in possibilities... striving to succeed. 

 During this journey, did T.N. Sterling learn of his bloodline ancestry to the South African royal Zulu empire, as well as
 Scotland's "Stirling" royal family; whom end up losing sovereignty, and its survivors ventured to the Americas and Jamaica. Eventually taking on the surname "Sterling" given the Americas natives was unable to properly pronounce the word "Stirling."( Google Scotland's Stirling Castle ) *

 As an accredited descendant of the fallen "Stirling/Sterling" royal family, T.N. Sterling legally changed his name as such in 2012--- in combination to the serendipitous marriage in 2012 to another ancestral descendant, K. Kayan, of Jamaica. Which of course since T.N. Sterling claimed the title (HRH) His Royal Highness, he in return, named Kayan; as his Queen, (HRH) Her Royal Highness of the newly formed...
                                                                      Sterling Royal Family.



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 A Salute To Other Non-Member Royal Couples Making A Difference.
[HRH] T.N. Sterling & K. Kayan Jones Sterling
             Members /CEO, President